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Roofing and Shingles

This is where you will find information on Roofing and Shingles. 

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Hail Damage Checklist:

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Dear Homeowners,


If you're still considering Hail damage roof replacements - be very careful. 


We have had some problems with Roofing companies suggesting the wrong colors for roof replacement.


We have had one homeowner that installed the wrong color roof.  We had a Board Meeting with that homeowner and the sales rep.  Long story short is the Board really felt sorry for the homeowner as the sales rep admitted they picked a color they thought would look a bit better.  The roof had to be replaced and has now been changed to the right color.


The Board has no wiggle room on roof color as it is specifically designated in the recorded in the Residential Improvement Guidelines & Site Restrictions.  The only possible way to change that is to have 67% of the homeowners show up to a Board meeting and vote to make a change.  The Board is required to uphold the Covenants. 


If you put the wrong color on - and/or allow a roofer to put the wrong color on - it is our understanding a new roof cost is around $9,000.00 and your insurance company will not take the responsibility if you put on the wrong color.


You must fill out and get ARC approval before starting your roofing.  The ARC will give you an approval that you should forward to your roofer that is very specific and then they are liable for any mistakes.


Here is a match list for different manufacturers to the Owens Corning Weathered Wood, the required color. You are not locked into the Owens Corning product - but only the proper match color will be approved by ARC


Please remember to always get ARC approval whenever you do anything to the outside of your house.  It's not that the ARC or the Board is being controlling, they are trying to make sure you do not make costly mistakes outside of our covenants.


Thank you,

Tim Singewald

Buffalo Creek Management Company Contact

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